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Name:ConcernedkoalaDate:October 2002

Hey everyone
I have had this problem since I started having sex about 4 years ago. Me and my girlfriend fool and around and the foreplay alone lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, during this whole time I am always hard as a rock, sometimes it's so hard that it literally aches and throbs. However, when it comes time for actual penetration I find that I can only hold out 5-7 minutes max before I just explode inside her, it feels so good that I just can't help it. Is this normal? Is it because of the extended foreplay and the massive amounts of pressure building up? It normally only takes about 2-5 minutes before I am ready for sex again but find after each time, the sex is only prolonged by a few more minutes before I come again. Now I can keep doing this for quite some time, but was wondering if there are any good resources online about tips or techniques that could help this premature ejaculation problem. I have tried getting my girlfriend to stop or even slow down when I'm close but even if she stops and I withdraw just looking at her sends me over the edge... please help!

- My Advice -

I don't believe you're experiencing premature ejaculation.  Studies have been done and the average length of time that a man can penetrate a woman before ejaculating is about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.  So think about it like this...you're lasting a little longer!

Also, be happy that your refractory period is as short as it is.  Many men have to wait much, much longer.

I wouldn't say you're experiencing a problem at all.  If you do want to last a little longer, you can try a cock ring.   A cock ring fits snugly around the base of your penis and  restricts the blood flow out of the penis.  This helps you to maintain a stronger and longer erection.  Some men, especially my b/f, say it does make his orgasm a little more intense when it happens.   As far as cock rings, I highly suggest the Leather Cinch.

This is the safest one to use.  It's a leather strap that you snap around the base of your penis, you could include your testicles as well, but it's your choice.  It works like a belt, you put the strap through the loops and tighten.  Now make sure you make it snug.  Don't strangle your penis.   Also, make sure you apply the cock ring after you have obtained an erection.   What's great about this cock ring is that when you want to remove it all you have to do is unsnap it.

That's one important factor about cock rings...Do not put your penis into anything that you can not get it out of quickly and easily.

Also remember, you shouldn't wear the cock ring for more than 30 minutes at a time and wait at least 60 minutes between wearings.

Otherwise concernedkoala, you remind me of my boyfriend.  You find your g/f extremely exciting and sexy and you love having sex with her.  You last a little longer than many other men during intercourse and you can get it up again almost immediately.  There's nothing wrong with you.  

If you and your g/f experience any awkwardness when you're in your refractory period, work on her, stimulate her with vibrator, fingers, dildo, etc.  Keep her going then when you're ready again, she'll be ready for you. The important key to better sex is to make sure you both communicate your wants, needs and desires with one another in a very honest, open and compassionate manner.

Good Luck,

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